Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lian Seng Garden Hawker Center: Glutinous rice ball with peanut paste

Hawker Centre: Lian Seng Garden Hawker Center, Kluang, Johor.
Next to the Kluang's marketplace (Pasar Awam Kluang).

Glutinuos rice ball with peanut filling
The compact peanut paste with very little sugar, good for the health conscious people

  1. Soup, although negligible by most people, it is what that completes the whole experience of enjoying this dessert during winter times in olden days. This soup has very strong ginger flavour and I don't mean just the flavour but also the spiciness as well. Once tasted, you will know that the broth is made with lots of real ginger, not ginger powder.
  2. The skin of the rice ball is chewy and taut, not soft and mushy.
  3. When chewed, the filling does not flow out as it is packed with lots of peanut butter, thus contaminate your clear broth.
  4. Another point to note is that the filling consists of mostly just peanut powder with very little sugar, so it is not sweet.

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  1. I tell youuuuuuu... you will addict to it after you try...