Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hong Kong Specialties: Dried noodle with minced pork sauce and Shanghai Dumpling Set

Hawker Centre: Hong Kong Specialties, Armara Building Food Court

Shanghai dumpling

Soup and dumpling that is part of the set

Dried noodle with minced pork sauce

Jasmine's comments:
  1. Although the name says its HK specialty food but not sure is the name relevant to the food they served as it is all Shanghainese food.
  2. This set costs SGD6, not only it is value for money but also delicious.
  3. Dumpling sticks to the paper, so extra care is needed when picking up the dumpling so that the soup can be retain within when eating it.
  4. Noodle is handmade on the spot.
  5. Sauce given, is more than enough to go with the bowl of noodle and it is not salty.

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